Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cheap Cooking: Tomato Pork Penne dish

I have this odd obsession with getting my groceries for really cheap. Some people look at me odd when I tell them that I won't pay over $4.50 for a brick of cheese, or more than $2 for a loaf of bread (I get the good stuff, for the record). I think that it pays off, for me. Especially since I have financially based goals, and I would like to acheive them before I need a walker.

So for dinner last night, I made a dish that was probably one of my cheapest ever. Mind you, it is also the first time that I wrote down what I paid for each item I used, so time will tell. I plan on keeping approximate track of a lot of the meals I make, mostly out of curiosity.

With no further ado, I present: my dinner from last night


1 box Catelli Smart penne (1.49$)
1 can Aylmer Accents tomatoes (0.49$)
2 celery stalks (whole thing was 1.27$, so approx. 0.20$)
1 red bell pepper (1.99$/lb, approx 1$)
2 carrots (approx 0.50$)
7 thin boneless pork chops (2.22$ - had a 50% off sticker... my favourite!)
salt/pepper/crushed chilis/sage to taste (equiv approx 0.05$)
125g shredded marble cheese (1$)

Total cost for entire meal: 6.95$

It made 5 servings (so two bag lunches for me, leading to further savings!) making each serving cost: $1.39.

You can't buy a burger for that cheap and expect to be full, so I'd say I'm pretty happy! I'm sure I will be able to work towards making meals for less than 1$ per serving, but 1.39$ is nothing to sneeze at.

Not to mention that these are MY serving sizes. Actual "servings" according to weight and whatnot is probably closer to 8, which would make each "serving" 0.87$ each. That's pretty fantastic.

What are you cooking for dinner tonight? Do you keep track of how much you spend on everything? Do your serving sizes and the "recommended serving sizes" match up?

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