Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Know Everything: Example One

I have a knack for making pretty damn good guesses at things, random things that you really can't predict with any semblance of basal knowledge. That's part of the reason I picked the blog title "Mrs. Omniscient", not to mention it's kind of a tongue-in-cheek about being a know-it-all without being a snob-a-saurus.

That being said, I did it again recently and I wanted to share it here while it was fresh. This is a story about a good friend of mine (who, for the sake of confidentiality, will be named She). She is a good friend of mine who I have known for a few years. We met through our children, and my Lil Munchkin got along great with her eldest little monster.

Well, about nine months ago, She found herself pregnant (it was intentional, not an accident by any stretch). She was ecstatic! I was ecstatic for her! It was an ecstatic time for us all.

As time passed, and her belly grew, we would still hang out. We would walk around, shop around etc. We talked a lot about varying things, especially those that related to children, babies, and pregnancy (especially since WonderWife does not enjoy such conversations, I had to get them out somewhere!).

We discussed her previous birth stories, and my story, and things we would have done differently, and things we would have done the exact same. It was fantastic.

Now, this friend of mine, for both of her previous births, experienced very long labour. The history said she would be in labour (noticeable labour, where the pain is relatively harder to deal with) for 2-5 days before having a bouncing little monster in her arms.

In our discussions, we would talk about our opinions on hospital births, and home births, and the different pain medications and interventions available. We were both on different ends of that spectrum, but we both respected each others different opinion. She was all for epidurals and hands-on-doctors, and anything else, and I leaned more towards the free-standing style.

Now, as we were discussing this, time was passing, and she was having irregular mild contractions. For months. This is normal from what I've read of the third pregnancy. Since the uterus has to work harder to make sure it's strong enough for round three, it starts with braxton hicks contractions sooner, and they last many months. I thought that was good for her, since it should mean She has an easier time in labour, hopefully with a slightly shorter labour time.

She was quite set on giving birth in the hospital , getting the epidural, and just going for it. Which was cool. She was also pretty freaked about the concept of a birth that happened so fast that she couldn't get to the hospital, where she'd have no one around her to help her. She knew she'd be fine, but the comfort of having a medical professional was something she treasured.

So, that being said, I kind of predicted (though I never shared it with her directly) that she would give birth out of the hospital. I figured at home. Partially because I knew she wouldn't drive herself if she was in labour, and partially (mostly) just a hunch that her assumptions about her previous labours would be irrelevant.

Was I right, or was I right?

Easter Sunday afternoon I send her a text, asking if she had her baby yet. *note: I was on a trip to visit family, so it was only once I got back that I checked in with her*

She said YES! That morning, in the middle of the night, on her kitchen floor.

I thought she was messing with me. Seriously???

Turns out, labour kicked in so fast, that she called the ambulance as soon as she realized "THIS IS IT!" and they didn't get there fast enough.

Holy crap! She sent me a picture of her little monster as proof that yes it happened. What a little cutie!

So there. Not that I know it all, but I kind of know it all!

*sidenote: she did end up going to the hospital afterwards to make sure everything was good with both of them. They both had a clean bill of health, and she is happily at home, relishing in the enjoyment of her newest little monster*

Have you ever predicted something that is generally considered unpredictable? How did you feel, what did you base your prediction off of, and did you tell the person the prediction was about (assuming that it wasn't you)?

Inquiring minds wonder...

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