Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Milestone! 500 views!

Huzzah, people read me! I've hit 500 views (514 as I write this) in total. Which doesn't seem like a lot to some of the bigger websites and blogs out there, but this is a non-niche, non-specific blog, so I think that's pretty fantastic.

I'd really appreciate getting some feedback on what sort of things people like hearing from me, because I can ramble and I'm also super random. But if there's anything that any one of my readers (regular or not) would like to see, I'd definitely be willing to share!

So here's to my first 500 views, and to my next 500! Maybe I'll hit it in less time.

Please share any thoughts you've got.

And I have a writing wrap-up post coming in short order, since I've been doing a lot of writing lately! Yay!

Peace, love, and geronimo!


  1. congratulations, Laura! That's definitely an important milestone to celebrate. Soon enough you'll be celebrating 10,000 views! :D