Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Money Stress! How to cope...

The January stress of finances has struck me full swing. It is official, I am stressing out.

Despite the fact that we will have a comfortable cushion in the bank, I am upset because it is below what I consider "safe" and we aren't getting paid for another week and a half. There are still bills to pay. Which means that it will be going even further below safe into barely-safe territory.

I have restarted budgeting, but with Christmas and my birthday and a close uncle's birthday happening, we are using up more of our "comfort" cash than we have in many months.

This leads me to stress, which leads me to flustering, which leads me to being completely useless at everything.


I will not be bogged down in this downward spiral of thinking. We are getting paid in a week and a half. The bills can wait until then, honestly. They haven't even come in yet, I just know they're coming.

I will take steps to lower our costs starting now. I have already started. I will be making some posts on what I am going to do to take charge of our finances and save money. No longer will I be controlled, I will do the controlling. Nothing is impossible, it only takes varying amounts of effort.

Therefore I will be making a plan. A plan of attack, a plan of action. With various steps of varying importance and effect. But each step is a step in and of itself and is deserving of its own praise. Regardless of how large the reward is, as long as it produces reward it is worthy.

Do you get stressed about money? Does it feel like your bank account and living conditions control you? You can change it! Come along with me and experience what a refreshing feeling it is to know that you are financially secure.

Step one, coming up next...

Peace, love, and save money!

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