Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Apparently I'm a hipster?

Hilarity always ensues when I have conversations with my dear friend (and adopted brother) Robin (found here, here, and here).

Example is thus (paraphrased, as my phone failed and I got a new one, thereby losing my history):

(discussion about the necessity of coffee in every day life)
R: yes, I can't live without my Timmies
L: bleh, Timmies is nasty, I'd rather drink McDonald's coffee
(editor's note: we both used to work at McD's together)
R: I would rather gouge out my eyes and suffer caffeine deficiency than go to McDonald's
L: well, really I prefer Starbucks
R: you are a such a hipster

Note: I don't dress like a hipster (I don't think...) but apparently my love of high class coffee (Read: Starbucks and Bridgehead) makes me a hipster. I'll take it.

Better than drinking rat-piss... I mean Timmies.



  1. Starbucks is awesome...and it's pretty much the biggest coffee franchise in the world. Enjoying it doesn't make you a hipster, lol. It would be kind of hipster if you liked some limited edition brand of a brew no one's probably ever heard of! :P

    1. Hahaha too true. apparently its high class snob coffee, which is cool since its so damn tasty and delicious. My friend is hilarious, it was a whole big conversation of various hipster-esque style and preferences. I love my friends haha