Thursday, August 30, 2012

Updates from my mobile - part 2

Silly me, pushing myself too hard while running. I went jogging 2 days in a row, the route is around 5.5 kilometres. Except that I think I pulled my lower calf on my right leg.

Oops. It might just be DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) aka sore muscles, I just find it odd that it's only on the one leg.

In other news, trying to do filing for someone with a poor concept of information management protocols and organization while they are away is a pain in the ass.

I am currently sitting in McDonald's on Bank Street waiting for my earl grey tea to cool off enough that I can drink it, listening to One Thing by One Direction. I love how my phone has FM radio capabilities. It's fantastic.

This weekend is moving weekend, so it will be busy busy. WW thinks I am going to have at keast one anxiety attack during the move. Chances are it will be more, but we will see. We have someone who will be watching the Munchkin, so at least I will be able to freak out in peace.

Always find an upside.

I am currently working on a sketch for my mom, so we will see how that works out. When i am back on a PC I will upload the draft to this post. Those of you who have me on Facebook can see it by going into my "mobile uploads" album, 2 dolphins.

Always looking for feedback so please share your thoughts.

peace, love, and allons-y!

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