Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Random mobile uploads - part three

Hard to believe it, but the move is done. Still lots of unpacking to do, but at least the furniture is moved and set up.

The place came with huge shelves in the basement, which is a huge perk, and they will be put to use holding and displaying my stockpile once it is unpacked.

School started for Lil Munch, and she got the same teacher she had in grade one, which is awesome. She has lucked out so hard for teachers in school, the only less than ideal one having been in junior kindergarten. Now she is in grade three, so that's 4 years of awesome teachers. Better track record than I had!

Money wise, the move has been a gigantic kick in the bank account, but thankfully we have been saving up extra cash so we're still ahead. Rest of the month will hopefully be on track, and October should be awesome. Just need to get all the food unpacked and moved so I can make an accurate shopping list based on what we actually need. Hard when everything is in boxes all over the place. We'll get there.

What new stuff in your lives has been going on? Inquiring minds need to know!

Peace, love, and Geronimo


  1. Glad to hear you're somewhat settled in! Moving can be exhausting, and I can only imagine what it's like with a child thrown in the mix!

    As for your reader's lives, Matt and I had our first prenatal visit yesterday. It's all over Facebook and both of our blogs! :P

    1. I'm so excited for your baby! Ermahgerd! I love babies.

      Moving is stressful, and we are definitely getting settled. Can't wait til we get everything unpacked and it feels like a full-out real home. For now, it still feels temporary.