Thursday, September 13, 2012

The difference a good neighbourhood makes

As I've stated before, WonderWife, Lil Munch and I have recently moved. Only about four blocks away from our old place, and into a different neighbourhood.

Can I just say, there are kids playing outside, mildly supervised, every single night? I have let the Lil Munch go out and play, without me being there watching, 2 nights in a row now.

I am not worried about her getting hit by a car, the open area and play structure are both surrounded by houses. I am not worried about anything happening because there are enough kids playing that they are their own security network.

I would never have let her do this in the old neighbourhood. No chance.

But here? Here she can explore, and thrive, and grow... With no worries.

It is fantastic.

Peace, love, and Serenity


  1. When Chels and I lived in Ottawa, we lived in the Heron area. Cedarwood, just off of Walkley. Worst place I have ever seen, let alone lived.

    It was absolutely awful. When we would visit Chels' parents in the rich neighborhood near Lincoln, we were so jealous and upset.

    Having a safe neighborhood means a lot more than one tends to know. It really does improve your quality of live.

    Congrats on the move. Hopefully everything continues to go well.

    1. I hate living in sketchy neighbourhoods, it's always so anxiety-inducing just to leave to go to work. I've lived in a worse neighbourhood than the one I just left, but that doesn't make it any better. I love my new neighbourhood. You and Chels should come visit sometime, we actually have space for company now :D