Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Writing chains?

Inspired by Charlie from Youtube I have decided to make it a point to accomplish at least thirty minutes of writing on my novel each and every day.

Now this probably sounds like every other internet promise in the history of the internet, but I'm going to try this thing where I make an X on a calendar for each day that I accomplish this goal at the least.

It might work, it might not. But it is something promising which has worked for a person who can procrastinate as well as I can, so what's the harm.

I am going to see how long of a chain of days I can do before I miss a day, and then try to beat that record. I'm at 2 so far!

Wish me luck!

Peace, love, and DFTBA!


  1. Great idea, Laura! I may just join you on that venture!

    1. Do it! It may only be half an hour a day, but that's 2.5 hours per work week, or 3.5 per regular week. Which adds up to a full novel. Eventually.

      Plus, the half an hour is just a minimum.

      Also, you have to give yourself permission to write crap.